5 Best Alternatives of Redbox in 2020

There are many on demand media websites and app that will allow you to kill some time. You can watch numerous movies and web series on them for nominal charge or sometimes completely free of cost. 

One of the biggest names in this industry is none other than Redbox Tv. However, if for any reason, you want to discontinue its services, you must be looking for Redbox TV alternatives. If you are also one such person, then you are the absolute right place. Now without any further second’s delay, let’s have a look at the best Redbox TV alternatives:

What is Redbox TV?

Redbox is an entertainment app that is eligible for Android TV just like many other apps out there. But the feature that makes it stand among its competitors is the fact that it can stream more than 1500 TV channels. Also, these channels are available in multiple languages. You don’t need to worry about spending even a single penny to enjoy this app as it is an open source application.

Redbox TV has a user friendly interface and an easy to understand system. Moreover, it provides a number of healthy streaming links, so you can enjoy streaming at best quality. 

Now, you might be wondering, if the app is so great then why are talking about the alternatives for it, right? Well, the problem is the website is filled with ads. This makes the streaming experience unbearable and irritating for users.

Best Redbox TV alternatives

1. BeeTV

Bee Tv

BeeTV is an incredible replacement option for Redbox TV, it lets you stream your favorite media on the web. With a huge library of pictures, TV shows, and substantially more, it won’t be hard to track down something that suits your advantage. 

Its interface is efficient, permitting you to filter through the content effectively by means of different classifications. It comes stacked with many stunning features and an assortment of content to stream on the web. Utilizing a few sources, BeeTV brings links in both HD and SD quality. With premium genuine debrid account mix, you can anticipate that vastly improved quality substance should watch. 

Highlighting a simple to use and clean interface, BeeTV is an inside and out media streaming powerhouse. With its colossal assortment of substance, user-accommodating interface and light-weight size, make BeeTV worth an attempt!

2. Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD

Cinema HD APK is most popularly known as a copy of Terrarium TV and it is an extraordinarily famous application among the online streamers. It offers huge amounts of movies, TV series, and much more. 

It is absolutely outstanding amongst other streaming administrations accessible and perhaps the best replacement for Redbox TV. It lets you stream your preferred content in HD. The content is refreshed opportune and subsequently includes all the most recent movies and TV shows in its assortment. You can download content for later review simply like Redbox TV. 

Cinema HD APK fetches great links for streaming without any delay. In the event that you are searching for applications like Redbox TV, you will see Cinema HD as a decent substitute for it with a fast, solid and monstrous collection of working streams. With a simple to-use and clean interface, Cinema HD is a pleasure to watch videos on.

3. Kodi


Kodi is without a doubt one of the best Redbox TV alternatives out there and has been around for a while now. Kodi is a cross-stage application that gives you access to movies and TV shows, yet additionally sports, narratives, kids content, music videos and substantially more. It has huge amounts of useful features , making your streaming experience a breeze. 

The very reality this application has easily stood the trial of time is proof of its enormity. Being good with an interminable cluster of controllers, and combined with its staggering interface, Kodi feels extremely easy to use. 

Best of all, Kodi is probably not going to close down dissimilar to a few other streaming applications as it is an open-source application and it doesn’t depend on one developer. Self-governing developers concoct additional items/assemblies that work with Kodi, permitting you to stream content from across different classifications, for example, movies, TV shows, sports, live TV and significantly more. On the off chance that any Kodi add-on gets stopped, there are such a significant number of all the more as of now there to have its spot. In the event that you are not previously utilizing Kodi, you should give it a go.

4. CatMouse APK

Catmouse APK

The last pick on our list of Redbox TV alternatives is CatMouse APK. It is an incredible application for streaming movies and TV shows on the web. With a direct user-interface plan and solid execution, this application offers an unrivaled survey understanding. Thus, for the individuals who are searching for Redbox TV alternatives, this is unquestionably truly outstanding out there. 

As one of the most mainstream streaming applications, CatMouse APK offers a lot of working streams in HD and without buffering to fulfill all your diversion needs. In the event that you need more content in HD, you can incorporate your Real-Debrid account which fetches top notch links for you. 

It includes an enormous number of classifications that will keep you engaged for quite a long time. All things considered, CatMouse APK is only an astonishing streaming application that you should evaluate today.

5. Morph TV


Morph TV is one of the top apps in the streaming industry. It has amazing features such as an easy to understand user interface, a huge media library and HD quality streaming links. Also, you can use it on any Android application. To stream videos in browser  with Morph, you need to install the Trakt plugin and that’s it.

There are a few occasional errors reported by users such as the server being down but the developers work hard to make the streaming experience as good as possible.

6. Genius Stream


The last pick on our list is Genius Stream. It is an Android app that can turn your phone into a portable TV set. Moreover, there are thousands of streaming channels available for you to choose from according to your needs. Apart from the latest movies and TV shows, you can even watch sports on this app. Thus, you will be able to watch the latest sports matches of your favorite teams without any delay.


We hope now you know the best alternatives for Redbox TV. If you are also tired of watching nonstops ads on this website then make sure to go through this list. As the above-mentioned alternatives will definitely help you in the longer run.

The reason being, they have similar features to Redbox TV but with lesser ads. Thus, you will have interruption-free access to your favorite movies and TV series. And you will be able to watch them on healthy stream links in HD quality.

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