10 Best alternatives for Morph TV right now

Morph TV is the clone of Morpheus TV which was taken down a long time ago due to legal issues. Even though Morph TV has been pretty new to this free streaming field it has gained a lot of reputation during this short period. It is because the interface is completely similar to Morpheus TV and Morph TV also has a huge library just like its predecessor but unfortunately the app has been banned in several countries, once again due to privacy issues. It has become tough to access Morph TV since then.

Why do free streaming services exist?

The number of paid streaming platforms has increased a lot in recent years which makes it difficult to afford every one of them. The content has been diversely distributed to all these platforms which also makes it difficult to ignore them. That’s where free streaming services come in, giving you access to a wide range of content without any cost. Some examples are Morph TV, Cyberflix, and Redbox. The problem here is that all of them are not easily trustable due to security concerns. 

In this list the best alternatives for Morph TV has been included which are both safe and has a wide range of content:

Cyberflix TV:

Cyberflix TV is a quite famous streaming app which has already been used by many people. The best aspect of Cyberflix TV is that they have a massive library in which you will run out of options. As cyberflix TV has been up and running for a long period of time making it easy to trust. The content library is constantly updated so you will not miss out on new movies or TV shows.


Redbox is an excellent alternative for Morph TV and also any other free streaming app. Similar to many other free streaming apps Redbox also has a massive library that gets updated constantly but the best aspect about this is that it has links using which you can stream almost every movie and TV show in HD. Watching all this content in high quality will for sure feel amazing. A VPN is recommended while using this as it is not available in some countries.

BBC iPlayer:

If you are looking for the best legal alternative for Morph TV then BBC iPlayer is the best. You can stream all the movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports which are broadcasted by the BBC. It has a wide range of content, is available in high quality, and is completely legal making it extremely attractive to users. One drawback of this app is that it is available only in the UK.

Cinema APK:

Cinema APK is a well known and reputed streaming application which has been used by thousands of people for years. Its massive library is one of the best and main reasons for its fame as it is updated even after all these years There are various versions and clones of Cinema APK so make sure that you download the latest one and original one.

Bee TV:

Bee TV is famous not only because it has a huge library of movies and TV shows but also anime. Bee TV is the best streaming app if you are an anime lover because you can stream almost any anime with this app. Its inbuilt subtitle feature is a highlight which will come extremely handy while using.

 Titanium TV:

The best aspect of titanium TV and why everyone should use it is that it has the best possible user interface making it extremely attractive and comfortable to use. It is renowned making it trustworthy and it also has links for HD streaming which is much more amazing.

Dream TV:

Dream TV is widely recognized and used among the fire TV community. All of its content is available in HD making it an attractive option and the load time is also very less when it comes to streaming. You can not only use it in fire stick TV but also mobile, PC and laptop. Due to its wide recognition, it is safe to say that you can download it without any doubts.

Crackle TV:

Crackle TV is definitely an underrated one. It has a wide range of content with an amazing interface..you can use the app without signing up at all. And if you decide to sign up you can download you can create your own watchlist or a personalized list. Both content and software are constantly updated with software and content updates.

Tubi TV app:

Tubi TV is similar to Cinema APK. it has been used by many people for years and also has a wide range of content. In fact, if we remove the interface both of them are almost the same and that’s what makes it special. It’s simple to understand and operate. To use the app you need to sign up by providing your name, date of birth, and email id.


Showbox is hands down the best alternative as it has everything from massive content to great interface to HD streaming. Almost everything is available in it and is also very famous. More people use Showbox than MorphTV. Showbox is the original and also an inspiration for many free streaming apps out there.


It is best to stick with legal alternatives but in case you need access to more content you can opt for these free streaming apps. Although they are safe to an extent it highly recommended to use a VPN and an antivirus before installing all of these apps for easy access and security purposes. 

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