5 Best apps for movie streaming

During the lockdown most people have watched a ton of movies and TV shows to kill their free time. If you are one such person then you might have faced an issue. The issue being finding a reliable website to stream movies and maybe buy as well.

Don’t worry, in this article we will provide you an answer to that question. In this list we have included the top options to get movies on your device whether it is an android or an iOS device. Thats said, let’s begin the list of the best apps for movie streaming without any more delay:

The iTunes Movie Store 

itunes movies store

In case you’re essentially an iOS or Mac client, the film area of the iTunes Store is seemingly your most ideal decision, for a few reasons. One, there’s a colossal and differed choice with forceful valuing on 4K content – which you get a free move up to on the off chance that you recently possessed the HD rendition. 

I’m not catching our meaning by forceful? What about Christopher Nolan’s Batman set of three in 4K for $34.99 absolute. The 4K Blu-beam circles have a road cost of $25 each. A stream can’t come close to the varying media nature of a plate, yet at these costs, it’s difficult to grumble. Then again, 4K adaptations of Star Wars and Marvel films are quite missing from iTunes, because of a difference among Apple and Disney over estimating. 

The other explanation behind Apple fans to go this course is the organization doesn’t allow you to purchase or lease movies inside any outsider iOS app at any rate, giving iTunes a triumph naturally. To make the different apps on this rundown completely work, you need to purchase your substance on their individual websites before you can watch it on your Apple gadget (or on Windows through the iTunes work area app). 

As you would envision, Android gadgets don’t gain admittance to your iTunes buys, and you won’t discover iTunes on any home streaming gadget other than the Apple TV. So implies each buy you make there is one that you can’t take with you to another stage later. 



Like the rest of the administrations on this rundown, the Walmart-claimed Vudu app can be found in a wide assortment of spots, beginning with iOS and Android. It’s as yet the main help we’ve experienced where you can possess the 4K stream of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” 

Vudu and FandangoNOW are both acceptable hotspots for 4K streaming, however we’d give the edge to Vudu in light of the fact that it unmistakably states whether the stream has HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, in addition to its website has pictures of the chiefs and cast individuals that you can tap on to perceive what else of theirs is accessible, though FandangoNOW’s representation area is restricted to the versatile app. 

Vudu additionally presents an assortment of more established movies for nothing (upheld by advertisements) and a turning test of free scenes of famous TV shows. 

While iTunes is presumably the most ideal decision for Apple gadgets, Vudu is seemingly the champ for the other home streaming gadgets, savvy TV apps, and viable Android gadgets. 



Not to be mistaken for the ordinary Fandango app where you buy film tickets, FandangoNOW is its other app that works around streaming rentals and buys. It’s possessed by Comcast through its obtaining of NBCUniversal in 2010, with Time Warner taking a 30 percent minority stake, so the vast majority won’t be totally escaping from their link organization. It’s accessible in either Android or iOS flavors. 

Yet, it’s a decent spot to cross-shop against Vudu’s contributions, on the grounds that there are periodic contrasts in cost. At the present time, for instance, FandangoNOW is running an advancement where new clients get a 20 percent rebate on all buys and rentals for the initial 30 days after you make a record. 

FandangoNOW’s gadget similarity is generally tantamount to Vudu’s also, with worked in apps in Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony TVs, and accessibility on streaming boxes like the Roku, Apple TV (through the Movies Anywhere app), and Google Chromecast. You can locate the full rundown on its website. 

Google Play Movies and TV 

Google play movies and Tv

Notwithstanding its name, Google Play Movies and TV isn’t simply on Google gadgets. You can likewise get it on your iPhone and iPad, on Android gadgets, in certain shrewd TVs, and on a Roku. Likewise, while the Apple TV doesn’t have a local Google Play Movies app, there is an end-around: Get the YouTube app for Apple TV, sign in, open your library, and select Purchases. All the movies you’ve purchased in the Google Play store will emerge here, for playback inside the YouTube app. 

As a result of Apple’s limitations, you can’t do substantially more than window shop in the iOS adaptation of this app, however the individual item pages do in any event offer a reasonable rundown of prescribed movies to likewise watch (aside from maybe for “Edge Runner 2049,” which comes up short on a suggestion to watch the first movie that it’s an immediate continuation of). The Android variant and the website let you purchase and lease whatever is accessible. 

Google Play Movies used to fall behind the others in the 4K division, yet it’s rapidly getting up to speed, however Google’s film store has been following the troubling pattern of not offering a 4K rental choice by any stretch of the imagination – to watch it at that goal, the main alternative you have is to get it altogether, with costs moving to $30 a pop. 


Redbox APK

Redbox’s streaming help is still in beta and as of now needs 4K, yet the app accessible for Android and for iOS is as yet convenient for the capacity to peruse the Blu-beam stand stock from the solace of your love seat. Which itself is helpful on the grounds that the plates just expense $2 every day to lease, around 33% of what a stream will cost you, and with prevalent picture quality and sound. 

In the event that the film isn’t out on plate yet, you can add it to your list of things to get and get a warning on your telephone or tablet when it gets included. And keeping in mind that iOS squares paying for streams inside the app, Apple has no issue (up until this point) with your requesting plates for pickup from your close by stand. Also, you can buy or lease streams on the Redbox website to see inside its portable app later. On the off chance that you don’t have a specific film as a top priority and you simply need to peruse, the app’s inquiry work has a lot of channels to assist you with narrowing things down. 

In the event that your plate is harmed (or missing from the slipcase when you recover it from the machine), you can demand a discount inside the app, and the turnaround is generally quite fast.


That concludes our list of the best apps for movie streaming. We hope you found this list helpful and will use this in case you are looking for the best apps for movie streaming. Most of the apps that we have mentioned have a huge library of movies and that is definitely beneficial if you are looking to binge-watch a new series. 

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